What is Water Resistant in Smartwatch?

Smartwatches come with a wide range of functions and applications, and when you decide to purchase your favorite device, there are other important features that you might want to consider before making the decision. Water resistant capability of Smartwatches is one of the important features to consider.

So what is Water Resistant in Smartwatch?, Let’s find out.

What is Water Resistant in Smartwatch?

Water Resistance in smart watches is the ability of the device to withstand exposure to different extremities of water ingress due to spill, splash, dip, spray and still function properly making the Smartwatch water resistant.

The device manufacturers rate and grade the water resistant capabilities of Smartwatches by making use of Ingress Protection ratings or IP ratings, where the devices are rated or graded based on their ability to withstand intrusion of water and dust.

What is Water Resistance?

Water resistance is the lowest level of protection against ingress of water in to the smartwatch. The device is constructed in a way which makes it difficult for water to enter the device.

In some cases the devices might be coated with a light substance making it difficult for water to enter into certain parts. Water resistant products can be used in light rains or they can withstand spills or splashes.

What is Water Repellent?

Water repellence is one level above water resistance and it involves treating products with water repellent substances which make them hydrophobic.

Devices might be coated with thin-film nanotechnology, which protect them from inside an well as outside. Apart form this devices might additionally be treated with anti-rust substances.

What is Water Proof?

By definition water proof means the ability of a device or product to completely resist water making it impenetrable.

The term water proof is wide and complex, there is different level at which a device can be water proof, but there is no set standard which defines a device as water proof.

The closest standard or rating that can be provided to a product is the Ingress Protection or IP rating.


Before you make any purchasing decision it is very important to check the water resistant capability of Smartwatches which the manufacturers rate based on the IP ratings.

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