What is Water Lock on Fitbit? How to turn on and turn off

Fitbit is one of the leaders when it comes to fitness bands and Smartwatches, of the many features that the brand offers in their products Water Lock is one of them.

So let’s explore what is water lock on Fitbit devices, and how to turn water lock on and off.

What is Water lock on Fitbit?

Water lock is a setting on some Fitbit devices which deactivates the touch screen and buttons, and therefore prevents accidental taps on your device which might change the settings of your Fitbit while you are in water or performing any activity which involves interacting with water.

While you will still receive notifications and alerts you will not be able to interact with them as the device screen turns unresponsive.

There might be a number of scenarios where you need to use your Fitbit device in water like swimming, or while doing the dishes, or using it in other water sport activities like river rafting, surfing, jet skiing or taking it with you in the rain or the shower, all you need to do is just turn on the water lock feature on your device.

How to turn on Water Lock on Fitbit

Turning this feature on can be achieved by performing the below steps:

  • Wake up your Fitbit device by tapping it.

  • Swipe on the main screen until you see the Water-lock icon.

  • Tap the water lock icon.

  • Here it will ask you if you want to water lock your device

  • Just firmly double tap on the screen to activate this feature.

How to turn off Water Lock on Fitbit

To deactivate just follow the below steps.

  • Firmly double tap on the screen, at this point it will ask you if you want to unlock.

  • Double tap on the screen again to deactivate water lock.

Devices Supporting Water Lock

The water lock feature might not be supported by all Fitbit devices, and some devices have auto activation of the water lock feature. You can reference the below table to check if your device supports this feature.

Model NameWater Lock Feature
Fitbit LuxeManual
Fitbit Ace 3Manual
Fitbit Charge 5Auto/Manual
Fitbit SenseAuto/Manual
Fitbit Versa 3Auto/Manual
Fitbit Inspire 2Manual

When you should use water lock?

  • You should use it while swimming.
  • If you want to use the device while taking a shower use this feature.
  • You should use it while snorkeling.
  • You should use it while washing dishes.
  • You should use it in the rains.
  • You should use it while participating in any water sport activities.


The Water Lock feature is a useful feature which allows you to use your Fitbit device in water without hesitation of accidentally activating any feature while in water, having said that it is very important to take care of your device after usage in water as the chlorine water in the pools and salt water in the ocean have corrosive effect on the device and you should rinse it with fresh running water.

Also it is important to note that shampoos, soaps, conditioners, detergents, body lotions, nail paint removers, perfumes, insect repellents have a corrosive impact on your device over time, so you need to maintain your device according to the manufacturers guidelines.

Another important thing to remember is that you can take your device in hot tub or sauna but it is not recommended as the temperature in these areas might damage sensors and other parts which are not designed to operate in such temperatures.

It is important to note that Fitbit devices are water resistant and not water proof and so care must be taken while using them in water. You can check out the water resistant rating of your device or the IP ratings to determine the water bearing capabilities of your Fitbit devices.

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