What is IP Ratings? Explained

IP ratings or Ingress Protection ratings is the grade or rating given to any item based on its ability to resist intrusion of foreign objects or particles entering it. This item could be anything from your finger to a book or a pen or water.

IP certification rating chart is prepared by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) for international use.

So what is IP ratings, Lets find out.

IP Ratings/ IP codes

IP rating or IP codes are a measurement of an items ability to protect itself from foreign objects entering it. It is measured using a chart which consists of 2 parts; one part is a prefix and the second part consists of 2 digits. eg IP68.

As you can see above the rating IP68 is broken down into prefix and the 2 digits. The prefix stands for nothing but Ingress Protection or IP, therefore our focus will be on the 2 digits.

The first digit is a rating value from 0 to 6 and it is rated based on a products ability to protect intrusion from a solid object like hand, book, pen or dust.

The second digit is a rating value from 0 to 8 and it is rated based on a products ability to protect intrusion from liquid substances like water.

IP rating chart

First digit value chart (protection from solid objects)

LevelObjects protected againstDescription
0No protectionN/A
1Objects greater than 50mmProtects against large parts of the body like hands.
2Objects greater than 12.5 mmProtects against objects the size of our fingers
3Objects greater than 2.5mm
Tools and thick objects
4Objects greater than 1 mmsmall insects/ants
5Dust protectedsmall exposure to dust
6Dust tightprotection against dust

Second digit value chart (protection from liquids)

LevelProtected againstDescription
0No protectionN/A
1Dripping water- vertically falling in an upright alignmentlight rain- 1mm per minute
2Dripping water – tilted at 15 degrees from all angles3mm rainfall per minute
3Spraying water- 60 degrees from vertical1 minute per square meter
4water splash- all directions10 minutes
5Water jets – nozzle of 6.3mm1 minute per square meter
6Powerful water jets – nozzle of 12.5mm1 minute per square meter
7Submerged – 1 meter depth30 minutes
8Submerged- more than 1 meter1 hour

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