What is DND mode on Fitbit? Let’s find out

DND mode on Fitbit or “Do Not Disturb mode” is a feature available on Fitbit devices which allows users to turn OFF notifications and other alerts like vibrations and reminders while sleeping or performing some vital tasks.

Let’s explore how DND or “Do Not Disturb mode” works on Fitbit devices and how to turn it ON/OFF.

What is DND mode on Fitbit devices?

Fitbit devices comes with a DND mode which allows users to turn OFF notifications, alerts, calls and text messages on the smartwatches or fitness bands temporarily while performing some critical tasks which requires concentration or while sleeping or during meetings to avoid any distractions or disturbances.

When DND mode is ON, the device will not light up or vibrate to alert the user of any incoming calls, messages or reminders.

How to turn ON DND mode on Fitbit?

Activate DND mode using the device

Activating DND mode on Fitbit devices is pretty straight forward. You can follow the steps below to turn this feature ON:

DND mode on Fitbit


  • Wake up the screen.
  • Access quick setting of your device from the clock face. Please note that you might have to swipe down, left or right depending on the device model that you are using.
  • Once you are in the quick setting menu you can see the option to turn ON DND mode.
  • You should be able to see a screen like the image above, which you can use to toggle the DND feature ON and OFF.

In order to turn OFF the DND mode on you Fitbit device you just need to follow the above steps and tap the DND icon to toggle it OFF.

Turn individual NOTIFICATIONS OFF using the mobile app

If you want to turn OFF individual notifications then you need to use the mobile app. You can follow the below steps to achieve it:


  • Launch the Fitbit app on your android or iPhone.
  • Click on the today dashboard on the app.
  • Click on the profile icon at the top.
  • Select your Fitbit model from the list of devices.
  • Select notification.
  • Now you can see a list of notifications which you can individually toggle ON/OFF according to your requirement.


Enable DND on different Fitbit devices

You can follow the below list to enable DND mode:

Fitbit Charge 5/Fitbit LuxeAccess quick setting by scrolling down from the clock face.
Tap the DND mode.
Fitbit Inspire HRCan be activated through Android or IOS app.
Fitbit Inspire/Charge 3/Charge 4/Versa 3/Versa 2Access quick setting by scrolling left from the clock face.
Tap the DND mode.
Fitbit SenseAccess quick setting by scrolling right from the clock face.
Tap the DND mode.

When to use DND mode on your Fitbit device?

You can use DND mode on Fitbit device for various instances, below I have listed a few which are recommended:

  • While performing activities that require a high level of concentration.
  • During meetings.
  • While driving.
  • While sleeping.
  • While handling hazardous substances like chemicals.
  • While handling substances that are high in temperature.



While receiving notifications and alerts are a prime necessity in today’s fast paced tech driven world, it sometimes becomes necessary to go on a DND mode. Fitbit with its wide range of devices comes with a variety of features and applications, DND mode is one of the important features, which can be used to achieve no disturbances from apps and notifications temporarily.

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