Can you use a Fitbit without a phone or computer?

Fitness bands and and smartwatches help us to track a lot of our daily activities, they help us in tracking our sleep, counting our daily steps, help monitor our heart rate, manage our alerts and notifications etc.

But can you use a Fitbit without a phone or computer? Yes, you can use a Fitbit without a phone or computer, but you will not be able to use some features and applications like taking calls, messages, GPS if your Fitbit doesn’t have it inbuilt, stats and reports related to your health and streaming services.

Can you use a Fitbit without a phone or computer?

Well to start with you would initially require a smartphone or computer, with internet connectivity to set up you Fitbit device, you need to install the Fitbit app on your smartphone or you can use the Fitbit Website to register your device.

Once you complete the initial setup you can leave phone behind and use the Fitbit device by it self.

Your device will record all the data like calories burnt, steps, sleep and store it locally in the device itself, and it will automatically sync all the data from your Fitbit into your phone once you come within 30 feet proximity of your phone.

Well, it is important to note that you can view that data stored locally on you device itself without syncing it to a phone or a computer, there is a limit to the information that you can view due to the storage size limitations and the size of the screen which makes it difficult to scroll or swipe through multiple screens to view historical or statically information related to your health.

If you decide to use your computer instead of phone to sync data then you can do so provided your computer has a Bluetooth connectivity. The reason for this is your Fitbit device uses Bluetooth connectivity to connect to your computer to transfer data.

But in case your computer does not have Bluetooth system, then you can make use of the Fitbit wireless dongle, which you can plug into your computers USB port and sync all the data into Fitbit dashboard.

If you decide to use Fitbit without connecting to phone or computer there are some features and applications that you cannot use

Features that you can not use

Below are the features that are detailed out if you decide not to use Fitbit without a phone or computer


Some Fitbit devices use your smart phones GPS system to calculate the distance covered, calculate your pace, to map your route so , if you like to use these features then you will need your phone.

An alternate to this would be to go for a Fitbit device that has inbuilt GPS system.

Calls and Message Alerts

You might want to receive an important call or receive message notifications on your Fitbit device, well, if you don’t use your smart phone you will not receive calls or message notifications.

Calendar Events and App Notifications

You might have configured your Fitbit device to receive notifications about important events on your calendar or any other app notifications from your smart phone, If you decide not to connect you smart phone to your Fitbit device you will not receive these notifications.

Online Music

If you want to listen to online music like YouTube music or Sportify you will have to connect your smart phone to your Fitbit device, you cannot listen to online music without connecting to your phone

However if you have downloaded music on your device you will be able to play them.

Historical Health and Wellness Stats

All your sleep and health related dat are stored locally on the Fitbit devices and this data gets synced with your phone whenever it is connected.

If you don’t connect your Fitbit device with your phone all this data will not be synced and you will not be able to view historical information and detailed stats about your health and sleep.

You can view some information on your device but since the screen size is small it requires a lot of swiping of the screen to view all the information

Also due to the smaller display size it might be difficult for some one with seeing difficulty to view all this information with ease.

Firmware and Software Updates

Your Fitbit device works on Fitbit Operating system or Fitbit OS and a lot of hardware components, and just like all operating system’s and software systems you device also requires regular firmware updates.

Smartwatch and Fitness band manufacturers release minor software and firmware updates to devices from time to time and if you don’t connect to your smart phone you might miss out on any important updates that the device manufacturer might release.

Security Updates and Bug Fixes

Your device manufacturer constantly monitor security threats to your device form hackers and malicious users and when they identify loop holes they fix them and update your device software.

In order to receive these security updates and bug fixes your Fitbit device needs to be connected to your phone. And if you decide not to connect your device to your phone regularly you might miss out on these important updates

Device Performance Data

Device manufacturers collect and send device performance data from your device which they collect and analyze, which helps them to identify any issues or security risks, for which they release a fix.

If you don’t connect you device to your phone this information might not be sent to the manufacturer.

This might not directly affect you, but the device manufacturers do require such information.


To Conclude I would say that you can absolutely use a Fitbit without a phone or computer it is important to connect and sync data with your phone or Fitbit app.

If you wish to view stats and metrics related to your health on how you are performing then it becomes necessary to sync your device with your phone or computer.

Also if you need calls, messages, email, calendar event notifications and alerts, or if you want to use the GPS feature (in case you device does not have it in built) then you need to carry your phone with you.

To add if you want to use the online streaming services like Spotify to play online music then you need to carry your phone with you.

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