Operating Systems of Smartwatches

In today’s fast paced world smartwatches not only help us to keep time and also provide us with a lot of other features which give us information from a wide range of areas like heart beat tracking, sleep monitoring, information related to stress , weather, display notifications, text messages, play music etc.

What is Operating System of Smartwatches?

For providing us all the various information smartwatches have to make use of various hardware and software components to collect data and process before displaying it to us. Hardware area covers the various physical components that make up the devices which include various sensors

Software components in smartwatches take readings from various sensors and compile them into a human readable format and use the device screen to display this information.

An operating systems job is to combine the 2 main components of any electronic device (hardware and software), and provide information that a human can understand.

Thus Operating system becomes the heart and sole of any device. So lets explore the various OS’s available

Apple WatchOS

Apple WatchOS is developed and maintained by Apple, and this OS is available only apple devices.

This OS has access to all Apple services. You can use SIRI for voice commands which comes built-in in this OS.

You can use trackers to track your health, or use voice chats, set timers, it supports Apple navigation systems and it supports compitable third party apps.

Wear OS (Previously: Android Wear)

Wear OS was previously known as Android wear is developed and maintained by Google. It comes with the the features that google as to offer like Gmail, Playstore, Maps, Google Assistant. It also supports connectivity technologies like wi-fi, Bluetooth, NFC and LTE.

You can download third party apps from playstore crafted for smart watches and or install supported APK’s.

You can play music or videos, or use apps like Facebook, Instagram or Whataspp. You can use it for calling or use features using voice command, or use gesture controls.

UI for devices using Wear OS can be customized, and therefore different brands using Wear OS can have their own look and feel for this OS.


Fitbit OS

 Fitbit OS is an operating system created by Fitbit smartwatches.

It helps to track your health and listen to music. It also supports NFC payments b using Fitbit pay.

It has a Fitbit app galley form where a variety of apps can be downloaded on the smart watch.

It helps in heartrate monitoring, calories burnt meter and provides sleep scores.

It has Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support.

Garmin Watch OS

Garmin watch OS is specifically made for Garmin smart watches.

It has on of the best health tracking apps with dedicated apps.

It has Bluetooth calling, altimeter, NFC payments through Garmin pay.

It also supports third party apps


Tizen OS

Tizen OS is developed and maintained by Samsung.

It has Tizen app store for downloading apps to your smart watch.

It has a built in health monitor and support NFC payments.

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