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Hi There!!!, Welcome to Smart Tech Pulse!!!

About me

My Name is Eric Carmel, and I am a tech enthusiast, blogger, fitness freak, a husband and a father. I am the author of this site.

Welcome to my blog!!!

I am a Software Engineer by profession having more than 15 years of experience in the field of developing software applications and systems in various technologies including embedded systems, Web development, mobile app development, integration of chat bots, and designing database systems.

Over the years I have been using a lot of fitness devices and gadgets, both traditional and modern, and I loved some of them and I hated some.

As the world is moving towards internet based systems and gadgets not all of you might be able to use them, or might face difficulties to use and need help.

So the reason for starting this blog is to help you out with some of the difficulties that you might face while using the devices and gadgets.

I will provide you with information for which I will use my experience to guide you through what you may need.

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